Adventures Once Had

a log of photos, thoughts, gifs and cinemagraphs by Sandy Noto

15 Apr

We’re going home.

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13 Apr

The final stop on our trip: Hong Kong.

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11 Apr

It has been a long winter. So glad that’s finally spring. 

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10 Apr

Chang Mai

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9 Apr

We had a strangely difficult time deciding what to do in Chang Mai. I originally wanted to go to the Elephant Nature Park but hadn’t made reservations in advance and it was all booked up. It was impossible to tell what would be a fun and novel experience and what would be a tourist trap built to exploit local tribes and animals. In the end we visited a tiger breeding place that sends tigers to zoos around the world. Still not sure if it was exploitive or a beneficial thing (not poaching tigers from the wild) but it was definitely a fascinating experience.

-Sandy Noto

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7 Apr

Tiger Kingdom just outside of Chang Mai.

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6 Apr

We escaped Bangkok for a day and headed an hour north to Ayutthaya. Lots of ruins, Buddhas and confusingly dyed chicks. 

-Sandy Noto

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5 Apr

Ice cream tastes particularly good on an exceptionally hot day. 

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5 Apr

At the Grand Palace in Bangkok we were encouraged to touch just about everything for good luck. I’m expecting to have quite a lucky year. 

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4 Apr

Bangkok may have been the one place on our trip that we wouldn’t do over. The combination of heat, humidity and chaos was exhausting. We managed to do a bit of exploring but every 15 minutes or so, I would get desperate for some shade or something cold to drink. I did have the best thai iced tea of my life while there but my standards were probably fuzzy from the dehydration. 

-Sandy Noto

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3 Apr

I did a lot of research for the trip so I was prepared to pay for our visas when we arrived in Bali. When we were leaving Bali, I was surprised to discover that there is a 2nd charge for leaving the airport. Apparently, it’s an airport tax.

When we were leaving our hotel, the IZE Seminyak, the hotel owner/manager was also going to the airport and kindly offered to give us a ride. We weren’t prepared for the airport tax but had exactly enough cash because we got a ride to the airport instead of taking a taxi. It was all very fortuitous. 

-Sandy Noto

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3 Apr

At our Seminyak hotel, the IZE Seminyak. 

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