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18 Sep

Weekly Diversions, vol. 3


Eli and I are heading off to Vermont tomorrow for a wedding and hopefully some leaf peeping (such a funny word)! Kuma and Nugget will likely be partying in our absence, or more likely hiding from the cat sitter. Anyway, this week:

The weekly diversion is my way of sharing links of funny and enjoyable things that I’ve come across online throughout the week. To get it via email subscribe at:

- Sandy Noto

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16 Sep

Eli and I love burgers, so we were thrilled to work with our friend Michael, of InsideHook, for the Chicago opening of Umami

- Sandy Noto

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15 Sep

It went from Summer to Fall so quickly this year! 

- Sandy Noto 

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12 Sep

Weekly Diversions, vol. 2

I was going to write about how this week has been all about consumption with New York Fashion Week and Apple Live but then my lil site got featured as a Tumblr trending blog! I’m pretty sure it’s the only time I’ll be squished between Momofuku and Vanity Fair on a list so I’m going to enjoy that for today. This week:

The weekly diversion is my way of sharing links of funny, enjoyable and inspiring things that I’ve come across online throughout the week. To get the Weekly Diversion via email:

- Sandy Noto

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11 Sep


Chicago’s Renegade Craft Fair 2014 by John Philp

My shoulders strongly disagree with my impulse to photograph everything so when Eli and I went to the Renegade Craft Fair this past weekend, I left my camera at home. It was a gorgeous fair with so many amazing products, adorable puppies and perfect weather. I was thrilled to see that my friend, John, did photograph the event and captured it so well!

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10 Sep

The Junior Sailing Team of the Chicago Yacht Club. It’s always fun to see the city from a new perspective. 

- Sandy Noto

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10 Sep

It’s beginning to feel like Fall. 

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9 Sep

Recently, I’ve been going on about how fun it would be to visit all 7 continents and Eli pointed out that perhaps an Antarctica trip might not be for us. 

- Sandy Noto

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8 Sep

I love text and photography mashups but the motivational-quotes-on-scenic-landscapes arena is not my jam.

So instead, I’m mashing up some of the ridiculous/silly/offensive things I hear/see with the photos and footage wasting away in my archive. 

- Sandy Noto

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8 Sep

Most of my time in college was a nonstop roller coaster of work, school and every short cut I could think of. My favorite part of the year was always the beginning, when the year was still full of promise. In college, I loved decorating but hated lugging lots of things with me, so I always picked a handful of photos, picked up some poster putty and used washi tape as a frame.

This week I’ve partnered with Net10 Wireless to bring that college hack to life as a GIF for their #Net10CollegeHacks campaign. While there were plenty of other great college hacks (stock your freezer with bagels, use an iron to make grilled cheese in a pinch, strategically place fabric softener sheets throughout a dorm kitchen to make it tolerable), the washi tape hack was always my favorite. If you’re 18 or older you can submit a college hack to Net10 Wireless's page between now and October 19th for a chance to win $5000 towards a dorm room makeover or a smartphone and tablet weekly prize pack enabled with Net10 service. It's free to enter, here are the rest of the rules.

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7 Sep

With each post, I often struggle with coming up with a caption. I almost always ask Eli for an idea and usually instantly reject his suggestion. 

For example, for this photo set, his suggested caption: The Orient, Life’s Great Mystery. (Point of clarification, that’s a joke. Eli is half-Japanese and has gone to Japan about once a year, most of his life). 

- Sandy Noto 

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6 Sep

Fujisan, taken by Eli

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